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Originally posted by zag
well im pretty bad at level design myself (check out a few inches south of here )
its not the doing stuff i have a problem with its just the level design that i suck at with is kinfa hard to remedy
i remember once when i was knee deep in radient one time i was in mcdonalds and i was looking at these neon sign and though "thats a pretty complex curve with a glow shader" and then the floor "its shiny but not realy reflective shiny" and at the chairs and tables and stuff and i didnt even realise i was doing it
I have to admit Zag...I have found myself in the same boat many times. But for me it has been tree models and skies. Yesterday it was..... "Wow, look at those storm clouds and how the light beams from the sun after a good shower cast cool shadows on the hills."
How do I design maps? What is it that I take into consideration?
Most of the time I start off with the simple part and build from there. I have an idea of an area. I build a small skybox and start with a large room or maybe terrain. I will say this...when I build rooms I never make them cubed. I used to do that but I find that terribly boring. So I slope the walls inward. I may even cut the room in half and slope the TOP walls inward and the bottom walls inward. Now I have a diamond shaped hallway or room. Like a polyhedron, except it's hollow.
I should actually do a tutorial for detailed objects and rooms and post it somewhere. Stay tuned.

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