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Let's get a few things straight. Despite being called LIGHTsabers they are not lasers, they are plasma. So there could easily be a black lightsaber. THere were also more than three Jedi in existence around this time, just not shown in the movies, read some books and play some games my friend, learn.
not too good on the reading side are ya buddy, ONE lightsabers are NOT plasma, they _ARE_ light, light is focused through the crystal and refined enough to be able to cut things, hence LIGHTsaber, also if you had botherd to read my post i said

Jedi arnt even supposed to EXIST in this time period, the only jedi that exist (not including EU) are Obiwan Yoda and Luke
see the brackets saying EXCLUDING EU that means anything that wasnt in the movies smart guy.

ahem anyway ontopic, the robes look meh, they added a hood woopde do, the animations dont look that great either and whats with all the flashy effects they look cheesy

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