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I was talking more specifically about the coincidence that people with the same names as convicts would primarily vote for Gore. That doesn't make any sense.

Originally posted by toms
Unfortunately, most black people grow up in poorer areas, are more likely to have criminal records and are more likely to have been tagged as being criminals when they infact merely shared a name.
If they are criminals themselves, they would have lost the right to vote already. That has nothing to do with Florida.

Are you saying that people in poor black areas are more likely to share the same name with a criminal than anyone else in any other areas?

This seems to be kind of mute point any ways, because I don't know of any evidence suggesting that anything like that actually happened. I know there were allegations about voter disenfranchisement, but those were nothing more than allegations.

If something had happened I'm pretty sure that it would be very well known. I don't know where you got your information, but it looks like it's mixing several different things together to make something that appears more "serious".
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