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Will keep me busy for many months to come methinks

Right, no more encouragment until I see some screenshots!

Get 'em up here son. You've been teasing and tantalising us for a while now and I can't take it anymore.

I'm not expecting a work on par with Michaelangelo, Da Vinci or Mslaf, but I reckon you could surprise a lot of people.

Also, if you post some screenies, you'll be guaranteed a shed load of responses like "you can do this", "that'd look cool", "why don't you have a go at that" etc. You'll get enough ideas to make your map shine.

Don't worry about getting bashed about it - I personally don't post a comment about someone's map unless it's positive and so do most of the people here - the noobs'll go "wow, how'd ya do that" and the veteran's will go "that's good - try this to make it better".

I bet you're better than me already anyway...
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