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Apparently there was some confusion about the alpha channels. As to whether you need them or not. But I think it makes sense to have them. So I'm going to try both jpgs and PNGs. Now they use PNGs that hold Alphas for JA. Maybe I should stick with TGA. I'm paranoid about shaders working properly.

The LINK Gothix gave me has other links in it to help out with terrain blending. Apparently they are trying to throw together NOOB tutorials for terrain blending. These methods are for custom terrains without using the old method of bitmaps and PCX files as far as I can tell.

Here are the files you need for terrain blending:


Just put them in the appropriate folders.

GOTHIX, I'm not entirely sure but I think Q3map_surfaceModel is enabled still. It's just no one is using it that I'm aware of. So I emailed Ydnar just incase regarding that feature. I would like to experiment with this feature if I can get the shader correctly laid out.

q3map_surfaceModel modelpath density odds minscale maxscale minangle maxangle oriented

A surface with q3map_surfaceModel in its shader will randomly place a specified model across it's face. This is designed to place grass or tree models over terrain.
modelpath : The path to the model file (any supported format).

density : The density of the models, in game units.

odds : The odds of the model appearing (normalized?).

minscale : The minimum scale of the model from its original size of 1.0.

maxscale : The maximum scale of the model from its original size of 1.0.

minangle : The model's minimum angle of rotation.

maxangle : The model's maximum angle of rotation.

oriented : This is a flag, either 0 or 1, and sets whether the model gets fitted to the orientation of the surface.

Is this what we are looking for:

qer_editorimage textures/endor/groundd
q3map_surfaceModel models/map_objects/endor/tree 800 2 1.4 2.6 0 270 1
surfaceparm nolightmap

map textures/endor/groundd

Anyone? Does this look like it will work? I guess I can do a TEST map and see if it works.

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