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Originally posted by Kurgan
The "pure canon" differs from the EU on the history of the Sith.

For one, in the Terry Brooks authored "The Phantom Menace" film novelisation (which is higher official level than any EU novel or comic) states that the Sith began as a break-away Jedi sect 2,000 years ago (prior to the events of TPM the movie). The "war" between the Sith sect and the Jedi Order lasted 1,000 years, then they Sith were thought extinct (but in reality, they were simply going with the "only two" rule in hiding). So for 1,000 years the Sith were in hiding until TPM happened.
Star Wars lore records that the Sith Cult started 2000 years before TPM, this is correct.
Note that this is the Sith Cult, and has very little to do with the Sith Empire and the Sith race that was defeated 3000 years earlier, other than the teaching they are using.

In AOTC (the movie) we learn that the Republic is roughly 1,000 years old. So the Republic was formed roughly around the time that the "Sith War" ended.

The Jedi Order may be much much older of course, but the age fo the Sith and the age of the Republic pose problems for all the "KOTOR" stories.
While this at first appears to be a very decisive blow against the EU Star Wars, it can still be questioned exactly what he (Palpatine) means with what he says. As both Movies and EU record that there was a 1000 year struggle that ended roughly 1 thousand years before the Movies, we don't know for sure how devestating this war was. Perhaps it was even more devestating than the EU tells.

Then again, someone did raise the possibility that when Obi-Wan told of the Jedi being over a 1000 generations old, he may have ment that each year, a new generation of Jedi children begin their training.

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