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hey SlasherX, we've already posted too much stuff on that great movie over here so making a new thread wouldn't help...

so back to SpaceBalls !!

I just finished watching it in french and I concluded that: french people don't know how to translate (can't translate: Barf, comb the desert, shwartz: they say "alstuce", that doesn't sound at all like "force" so they can't see the similarities), they have terrible voice actors and I wasted my time because of them! most french people think that SpaceBalls sucks, well that's their fault ! The dubbling destroyed the entire movie !!
I gotta watch SpaceBalls again but in english ! Gotta watch it now or my head will burst !

reminds me of something: the french cannot pronounce "th" (the, thread, thief: they say it: de, tread, tief..)
so they translate Darth Vador in Dark Vador, it's so pathetic !

anyways: SpaceBalls Rules!

The fun went away along with the pixels.

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