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So Luke, the blending did NOT occur ingame? You just had normal textures without any blending?

Okay try making the ALPHA brush much smaller. You don't need it that high, just for neatness purposes. And make sure that alpha brush is level at the bottom with all the other brushes. Try extending the Alpha beyond the vertices of the large brush encompassing the verts of the smaller brushes and post back here.

Did you use Q3map2 2.5.14? You need the latest compiler to make it work. Actually 2.5.15 is the latest I believe but I use the just fine.

Also your shader needs work. Look at the examples in the tutorials. Your textures need to be TGAs with a white alpha channel also. You need AlphaBlend to blend the layers so that part of your texture will actually be see through. Understand? If you can see through a portion of the texture that is the illusion of blending.

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