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It doesn't get any better in college or university, folks.

I have an English Prose teacher who sounds like the one Taarkin was just describing. Tells us to analyse a short story, but doesn't tell us anything about what kind of analysis he's looking for. One of those teachers for whom the only valid interpretation of literature is his own, if you disaggree, you're wrong.

I'm an English major (B.A. with Honours), and writing is my best subject (all my other teachers agree invariably). In his class, after 1 essay, he determined that I have no writing skills whatsoever and could barely compose a sentence!

Fortunately, the final exam for his class is this Wednesday, so I'll be through with him.

"School" is where you learn to fit into a modern corporate society, to obey orders, to toe the party line, and to type out eight pages of gibberish on command. "Education" is what you do on your own time.
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