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Youll do fine Just ignore everyone who says bad stuff and doesnt give a reason why its bad. You the "that sucks" comment.

But in KOTOR Mr. Jays case I think he applied to RAVEN, which you could do also.
KOTORMJAY applied to Raven? With that piece of crap flight school in his portfolio?

HIRE HIM! Hes like.. the 1337 mapper.. he can add ships.. and stuff.. and make them respawn on big octogons. He knows how to light up a whole map too Excellant taste in custom music. I like jamming to that.. song while flying my xwing around

J/K I strongly dislike that map :-/

Heh, strangly enough, last night I was just browsing through map review, and re-read the review of KOTOR flight school. Its funny how a guy can throw a rancor and a few ships and taun tauns in a map and everyone will go crazy over it (im speaking in general, not just kotor flight school) Doesnt matter if it has boxy rooms and no lighting.... or a lake in the desert
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