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First of all, Haus, you can rest assured that this is the first I've heard about. If you were banned, then no one has informed me of the reasons.

I think this is more likely to be a problem with the forums.

You won't get into trouble for making this second account in order to contact us.

As for your 'suggestion', I can assure you that people are never instantly banned without reason unless it's an obvious troll. Someone who steps out of line in the forums will be given warnings in regard to their behaviour, and be given ample opportunity to 'mend their ways'.

I always inform someone if they are going to be banned and the reasons why, either via PM shortly before the ban or via their email (if they have one). I may even leave a notice in a thread saying why someone was banned - so that other members understand the reasons why.

I'm going to talk with my fellow moderators, and probably an Admin, to try to get to the bottom of this problem for you.

Just bear with us for a little while.
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