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Originally posted by lassev
You must be joking...
This is more a thread for generating ideas and motivation for mappers who are fairly new to this game, rather than a technical tutorial.

I like to think of this forum as more than just a painfully hard to use FAQ - it is a place where the more experienced can offer support and advice to people starting out - be it a technical problem, an inspiration problem or in Jedi Vogel's case, an encouragment problem.

True, I don't think this thread should be sticky, but it would be nice to have a tips, tricks and thoughts thread where people can post little things they've learnt, where they get ideas from etc...

My 1st tip for creating a map is: RESEARCH. If you're making a military base, lookup "military bases", if you want to improve or stylise your architecture, look up "architecture".

That sort of thing...
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