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It's an MP map (I have an SP Idea, but need to buy graph paper first lol) and it's set on Yavin IV, but is not a temple

And it's not SW Canon-compatible either, but never mind

Short Description: 5 years before the Battle of Yavin, a fort was erected. The Complex provided a perfect setting for Rebel officials and Jedi to meet together to discuss tactics and share ideas. As a joint Rebel/Jedi Project, training rooms were incorporated into the design. As a goodwill gesture, a meditation room was also provided to which both Jedi and Rebel solider could retire to refind some lost peace.

The Fort was built mostly from local materials, but more elegant rocks were imported from elsewhere by capital ships. It took the best part of a year to build.

The Fort is a two storey structure with a tower either side, used for keeping watch. It is designed with ultimate freedom of movement throughout the building, with no one way to get anywhere. Except the meditation room, which should not have people flowing through it.

I have missed out some stuff that I am planning to do, but as I've only been working on the map for 2 months, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done

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