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Re: alright, don't count this one...

Originally posted by Doomgiver
... but i suggest we all use our normal names, like Doomgiver or sabretooth,
Cool, I'm being noticed!

Sabretooth picks up a chair and puts it on a dog.
He puts the dog on the bartender.
He puts the bartender of Darth Vader's helmet.
He puts DV's helmet on a viking.
He puts the viking on a giraffe
He puts the giraffe onto one of LF's funny smilies
He puts the smilie on a lightsaber crystal.
He puts the crystal on Greedo.
He puts Greedo on the Millenium Falcon.
He puts the MF onto Boba's head.
He beheads Boba and puts Boba's head on a TV.
He puts the TV on a '70s Hippie.
He puts the hippie onto a lava lamp.
He puts the lava lamp on an old, broken CD.
He puts the cd on GL's head.

Then he fires Doomgiver with a blaster.
Doom is wondering where the blaster shot went for 2 posts.

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