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Episode 38: The Defense of Wayland

A cold wind blew on the planet of Wayland. A pleasent, sub-tropical planet, but battle ravaged. Ever since the First Empire, the planet had been fought for. First by the Empire, then by the Republic, the Remnants, and culminating in the Noghri.
It's vast resources and secret locations proved it to be a good place for settling, but unfortunately, nobody ever did, atleast for long.

Jaden's transport landed soon after the Slave II . The ramps unfolded and the Noghri warriors massed out. Other ships were landing, Rebel Reinforcements. Jaden and Foge came last and rushed to the Noghri Commander standing on a battlement. The wall was about four miles away from New Nystao, the main city of Wayland and was probably built in ancient times.
Jaden walked up the adjacent stairs and to the Commander. 'Looks like the party began early.' said Jaden, looking out to the scarcely vegetated plain ahead.
'The guests have arrived, it's time for the food, drinks and dance.' replied the Commander. 'Your Strength?'
Jaden turned to the army. 'Five hundred Noghris, I think. The Rebels have provided two-hundred more, I think. How much is that?'
'One thousand five hundred. We had two waves, weak attempts. We expect the next wave soon, and our scouts tell us this is going to be gigantic.' The Commander looked at Jaden. 'We're outnumbered one to five.'

Mordale was boosting morale and shouting battle-cries. He flew to the battlement where Jaden was standing. Jaden explained it all and Mordale didn't reply. A soft click and his internal visor went red. Mordale picked up miniature heat amounts way ahead. He switched to normal and zoomed in. On the horizon, the Black Army was advaning and the roofs of two AT-ATs was seen. Soon, more and more rows appeared and five AT-STs followed. Swoopers were zipping away, overtaking the troops. 'They're here.' he said.
Jaden turned to the Army and shouted, 'Alright! Fight in the name of Nystao!' A great roar and cheers followed and the battlements were slowly filled with soldiers. Vanguards set up themselves in trees and bushes, prepared for an attack from behind. The rocketeers set themselves and targetted the large, grey looming mechs. Jaden and Mordale stood still. Foge and Mordale's companion were somewhere else in the army. The Commander's face looked brutal an suddenly he cried out loud and drawing his blade in the left hand, he fired with his right hand.

The battle began as the forces clashed. Swoopers were killed first by vanguards, who mingled with the army. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and leapt into battle. As the Imperial army spread into the battle, the rockettroopers took to air and concentrated on Mordale. Mordale was was locked in an air battle, slaughtering rockettroopers. On the ground, the Noghri jumped from the battlements and attacked the stormtroopers. The mechs were intimidating, though. Many Noghri fled at the sight of the grey monsters. AT-STs scampered like wild ostriches across the battlefield, firing at the age-old wall and aiming for the city.
AT-ATs bombarded the plain with laser fire. The rocketeers aimed and fired. The rockets hit the mechs, but only after emptying three-fourths of enemy rockets did the AT-AT alast slump onto the temperate land. Jaden sabered and waded his way through the thick army, and his padawan stayed ground and defended blows masterfully.

The battle was thick and no army seemed to win, though both armies were dwindling in numbers and ammo. Four AT-STs were down by now and one AT-AT walked, burned, but up. Mordale had finished the rockettroopers and swooped into the Imperials like a bird of doom. Jaden had killed many and suffered many blows, but still cut though all. The Noghris had cleared most of the enemy army, but to their misfortune, another wave of the Imperials rushed in, with their last AT-AT.

The Noghri had given up hope and cowered onto the walls. Jaden went back to the battlement. He stood tall against the Noghri like a ruling, battle-ravaged freedom fighter. He cried, 'Nystao!' again and looked away. A Noghri body lay on the battlement where he had stood an hour and a half ago. He sprinted there, to find the Commander breathing his last. The Commander looked at Jaden slowly, but grimly. 'You fought well, and defended the city well...' he said. 'But I'm sorry. We have lost. New Nystao is doomed. You will forever be remembered by the...' He never managed to complete his last words.
Anger stirred up in Jaden as he stood and scornfully looked at the opposing army.
'You will pay...' he said, grinding his teeth.

Episode 39 Preview:
'What do you mean he's captured?'

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