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Originally posted by Jedi_Vogel

And as a lot of people like to do it "raw", as they say, would we be able to find enough people to work on it?
That's the problem. If you're skilled enough to modify program code to add the new features, you'll probably not bother and create the shaders directly.

It's just going to have to be a matter of learning the skills to build up an 8 stage flourescant, translucent, animated, scrolling, environment mapped, bump-mapped and specular highlighted shader (that's interactive!).

It's not too much of a problem though - you can do the bulk of what you need in shadered and if you want to try out the new advanced features, the chances are you'll know how to work shaders in notepad anyway.

I think the coding forum has plenty of scripting and shader questions answered, although shaders cover mapping, modelling AND coding. Perhaps a specific shader forum should be created?
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