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Possibly and possibly not. I've always thought a separate SCRIPTING forum should be created, but SCRIPTING and SHADERS are directly MAP related, well, you can use shaders on models, but still.

Codja, you could always contact the original makers of ShaderEd and see if they're planning on updating it and if not, if they could release the source code. To be honest, as they give us quite a bit of freedom with mapping, scripting and stuff, there is no really good reason why they shouldn't say yes, so long as they get the credits and stuff.

OpenSource ShaderEd? We could always START a project...

[edit] I just thought that this is a real possibility. I do have an old version of Delphi (can't afford to upgrade) which WOULD suffice, but I'd need a great lot of help. And my map-learning would suffer. But it's an idea, if there's enough support. Plus I'd have to learn a whole load of Delphi stuff again, unless we could somehow do a web-based one? Just throwing ideas around here...

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