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Trying to get a Linux server up, READ please


Im in the middle of a nightmare mode experience with a company named GDN.
One of the techs asked me to post this.

We finally got the server to be seen in the JA listings (they installed an old copy of JA)

Ok here are the facts ma'am
1) Linux server
2) tech says they installed a 100% stock ded server package
3) when players (independently verified by two different ppl) try to enter the server the thing goes to connect, u get a quick 1 count on the connecting then WHAMMO you are crashed to desktop.

I even reinstalled JA and it still didnt work.

Anyone have any idea whats wrong?

Please help me out, this server was supposed to be up a week ago and im getting some very impatient clan members with variations on 'When is the server going to be up'

Thanks in advance,
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