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A few sporadic tech help questions regarding old LEC games

I've been methodically trying to get my old LEC adventure games to work on my Win XP Pro laptop and have had good success, with a few exceptions. I've searched these boards (and the web) pretty thoroughly for the answers I seek, so I apologize in advance if these questions are answered elsewhere.

I've been using VDMSound, DOSBox, and ScummVM Q+E.

1) Fate of Atlantis audio - does it have Sound Blaster music? I don't see an iMUSE file for it and it works well enough with AdLib, but it's odd that speech and sfx are there, but no SB music option.

Also, is there a GMIDI patch for FoA? The installer (from the CD version) has it as an option, but I don't see the files for it...only Roland - which sounds pretty bad without a true MT-32 module. Is there perhaps a fan-made GMIDI patch for MI2 anywhere?

2) The Dig - yes, I'm aware that ScummVM Q+E will play it. And I can get it to work perfectly with VDMSound...but...I'd like to play it without the CD. I've copied all of the files off of the CD (as I did with Full Throttle and CoMI - both of which work) though the .exe still prompts for the CD. Is there any way to install this game completely to the hard drive? I'm not asking for a crack...but if that's the only solution...I'll retire my efforts.

3) CoMI - I've copied this game entirely to the hard drive and by and large it works great. However, oddly, the audio will start to repeat/skip/loop occasionally within different play sessions. Sometimes when I run the game, the bug will occur and other times it won't. The odd part is, I'm not doing anything different (that I know of) to any sound/game settings. I'm not running VDMSound with this game (I don't think I can). I can't figure out a pattern. Has anyone experienced this? (BTW...this bug occurs independently of copying the game to the HDD.)

...and finally, to potentially save someone from headache regarding fast/stuttering Full Throttle audio...I recommend tweaking the DMA servicing values under the performance tab in VDMSound. Setting my polling period min value to 0 solved it for me.

Thanks in advance.
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