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Around this time last year I started scripting (at least a working script)

I loaded Kengo's tutorials, and made a box. I threw an info_player_start in the room, and put a camera in, I soon learned that the player doesnt show up, so i put NPC_kyle in. I added a little octagonal pipe through the wall, some stormtroopers in a room that followed. I learned camera movement by scripting the camera throguh the pipe. I learned walking by making the stormtroopers aproach an officer, I learned talking by scripting a small convo... little did i know that crappy script would turn into this After 7 (non-stop scripting) I released on June 8th here, and June 9th at gamingforums.

Anyways, enough of that. Trailer1 is on a little let down because of the rating (5.5 currently) I wish people would post why they gave it a low score, im trying to make this project the best I can. If it wasnt for a lot of you, I would still have a big box room, and some crappy scripts.

Anyways, in Part 1, its in coruscant, and im trying to make it like a real city. NPCs walking the streets, ships flying... things like that. Ive already got maybe 10-15 NPCs doing 'stuff' and 2 ships flying around (one of them has some weird MD3 bug, the other is the spy's stolen ship)

Ill post some screenshots tommorrow, and please, critisize! Lassev has done a nice job so far (really... I want constructive criticism.
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