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Originally posted by Bell
btw i love your corelia mods. they ring of the campy/cultish genre of art that just might end up developing a following. I hope you continue with them cuz i'm anxiosly waiting the next chapter. hell might turn into a a web addy for it?
Hmm. Well, the Team Corellia is Kengo's project, and I didn't really do anything but one map for the very first part, and then some slight skin modifications and such. The manuscript is Kengo's (for most parts, I imagine) and the whole idea. All the chapters after Part 1 are fully mapped by Kengo. So, I can claim but little credit here...

Originally posted by Bell
hmm....i couldn't find NPC_player in the npc menu....i typed it into the parameters in gtk but nothing spawned....any thoughts?
That's strange. It should be there, in the NPC menu. Scroll down a little bit (unless you are using some uber resolution). If it's not there, there's certainly something wrong with your Radiant installation or something. I don't know if it's present in MP, so check your project options also (if the menus are affected by that. I don't know since I only map SP... ).

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