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Ok, the pictutres are late... I needed to host a lot of pics with less, but my other host only provided 5 MBs a day, but now, I have a new host (thanks to TfighterPilote)

A reskin of Cortez:
I added a yellow tint to his eyes (you know in KOTOR if you start turning evil, Revan's eyes start turning yellow) I figured Id do something like that with this guy. Youll see a dramatic change in Cortez as the movie nears its end.

Ok, tell me ways to increase the quality of these pics: (please, read the post above for the reason)

(I resized the rest, so they are small)

Ok, besides the lack of light, floating consoles, and missing textures (shader problem) what can I do to make this more cinematic, more star wars like. The city area is coruscant.

My plan is to start with the spy jumping out the ship (already scripted) a tie flies by, he already knows he is being tracked by the imps, and he runs into a near by building (that very large one behind all the walking people/aliens) The other shots are of that building. Im going to add light sources on the ceiling, and of course, actual lighting, and make the consoles sit on the floor.

Im going to make more grander coruscant areas showing the imperials landing and basically taking control of that sector of coruscant. This shows how important the information is that the spy stole. Stormtroopers will be marching through the streets, and even capturing and shooting civilians at will.

Of course, this is a little extreme just to find one spy, so there wont be a huge number of imperials, and they quickly pull out, you will see that later on, once the task at hand is done. Cortez accepts no failure.
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