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A Stormtrooper's story.

... For wish of a better name. Anyway, this story is about a Stormtrooper squad, or actually about their leader in particular. It will go from around just before ANH untill some vague moment somewhere behind ROTJ that isn't determined yet. That is, if i don't screw it up and get myself into positions that i can't write myself out off... Thanks to Cecuiel (or something) for giving me idea's and hopefully allowing him to learn from his writing style. Though i'll try to do it as unobvious as possible...

Oh for crying out loud... I need to find a starwars name generator these days... Let's just say Domen is a pretty common name okay?


It was a fairly quiet time in the galaxy. No planet could resist the tremendous power of the Imperial Navy, and soon, most of the galaxy was under Palpatine's control. Almost every trace of the Republic had been erased, but a new threat was about to emerge... A group of intergalactic terrorrists calling themselves the Rebel Alliance. They worked mostly underground, and had great numbers, forming a considerable danger to the Empire. But, the Imperial intelligence has recently found out the location of a hidden rebel base, somewhere on Dantooine, by means of a tracking device stowed away on a freighter. Sergeant Doman of the imperial Navy is in charge of the striketeam that will investigate there...
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