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Davin "Xander, don't. it doesnt matter to them. In their eyes, and in meny whom don't understand, see us for what we look like. Despite how different we are now, we're still mostly or part human still. Get cut, we bleed. Get shot, we die."

Priest "Dribble..."

Davin "If thats what people want to look at me like, then fine, I accept that I am what I am, a half demon." *smiles* "Yes, thats what I accept if thats what god's will has in store for me. Then I am."

*The Preist's expression goes from confiedent to one filled with malice.*

Priest "How dare you speak about god in that fassion, you monstious heathen!!!"

*During his fit, the Priest had his fists clenched feriously tight he'd had small bit of blood that driped once or twice from his hands.

Suddenly wind started to pick up, changing from a southernly light wind, to a ferce breeze blowing stright at the group.*

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