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Nereli: *taking the flimsiplast* Farewell, Lord Flax. We thank you for your blessing. Perhaps we shall meet again in the future.

*The Blades leave. Outside, Nereli smiles at Rwos*

Nereli: The ruler of this land, your friend?

Rwos: I've made many connections here. Just as the Council instructed.

Nereli: Naturally. Yet you've taken sides in the political matters of this galaxy without Council approval.

Rwos: I didn't seek to do that. If you wish to accuse someone, accuse Luck, or Fate, or both.

Nereli: Hm, but you didn't seek to avoid it, did you? No matter, though. Your many friends have already argued your case for you in the Council. Now, shall we go?

Rwos: To where?

Nereli: To the planet Ulna Shardes. You are familiar with this place, yes?

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