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All I know is, if his behavior status is set to jump, then.. he will jump. If its set to cinematic it will (should walk)

The jumping thing is really cool, I remember in JK2 I was trying to throw my NPCs in the air to get them to jump. Now its much easier.

Make each of those tasks individually, like youll need to keep saying 'affect' NPC, task 'do task'.. etc... affect NPC task do task...etc

Its possible that it will work.

and supporting waypoint network. Yes, the waypoint network to support nav_goals is of utmost importance in JA).

Lassev, is it possible to make a bunch of navgoals, hook them together, and make an NPC walk from one navgoal to the next without a complicated and repeating script? Im just asking, because it would cut the scripting time down.

It's weird, sometimes the NPC hesitates then sprints to the navgoal.
Yeah, their AI is annoying, if you say bs_cinematic, they still 'want' to do what they 'want' to do. For example, If I tell Kyle to push a jedi, the other jedi will block the force, same with grip. I think this is what Raven used long animations, because NPC does exactly what they want, and Raven wouldnt have do as much scripting.
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