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Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
All I know is, if his behavior status is set to jump, then.. he will jump. If its set to cinematic it will (should walk)
But it doesn't. They are quite eager to jump while in the cinematic behavior state.

Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Lassev, is it possible to make a bunch of navgoals, hook them together, and make an NPC walk from one navgoal to the next without a complicated and repeating script? Im just asking, because it would cut the scripting time down.
Just use ordinary waypoints. You can have a long and winding corridor and make the NPC walk all the way through with just one nav_goal and one script command. Place the first waypoint overlapping the NPC, and then just place a long line of them all the way to the very end where the nav_goal waits. Target the waypoints always to the next waypoint, of course.

The problem is that the NPC will ignore quite easily the waypoints if it sees the nav_goal. So, if there's a low obstacle in between (or chasm or something that doesn't block LOS but prevents movement) the NPC is quite ready to just stand there, going nowhere, even if the waypoint string should show the way. In these situations I found no other way than use multiple nav_goals and separate set_navgoal commands for each.

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