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Well, an NPC has never jumped for me unless I told it to. I guess it depends on the NPC/situation/script. It will probably happen eventually... like I said, there AI is still partially activated, even though it isnt supposed to be. Sometimes it benificial, but most of the time is annoying. Like in my trailer, heh, lucky me, I have no clue how to get Boba to fly forward, but he did... I got him to jump with the Jetpack on, I then froze him in mid-air (BS_noclip) then Later on I turned him to bs_cinematic, and he just moved forward (or randomly upward, untill he hit his head on the ceiling, I got lucky when I recorded, he flew straight)

Then I used an invisible Boba to jump into the hole.

Anyways.. thanks for the info. I would have scripted every corner, its good to know such tricks as the one you posted, it makes life easier.

EDIT: Bell, you dont need the set_running 'false' all you need is set_walking 'true' and it will forget about running.
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