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Oh boy... i've got so many characters that if i'd post them all in detail it'd take forever. Let's see... there was a trandoshan jedi-hunter with cortosis claws, there was a smart-mouthed treacherous coward, there was a trained-from-birth world-strange assassin, there was a corrupt twi-lek politician with a cyborg eye, an Imperial admiral with some force training, and i could go on and on... i'll copy 'n paste 'em here.
Name: None of your business
Alias: Doomgiver
Age: 19
Weapons: silenced DC-17m Blaster rifle (The one used in Republic commando) With the sniper-rifle piece.
Other items: Flashlight, blowtorch, gasmask (Just in case)
Skills: None in particular.
Species: Mouse droid.
Weapons: side-mounted blaster rifles, mine layer, gas tube.
vehicle: Small jet's mounted underneath, allowing him to jump half a meter high.
Bio:MSE-6 was taken from the factory even before he was activated, where he was turned into a weapon. He was used as an assassination droid, with success. But, on a mission on tatooine, he was caught by jawa's. Now, he still lies in a sandcrawler, forgotten, with a restraining bolt stuck inside him. This keeps him from using his weapons.
Name: Servant.
'race':An exact copy of HK-47, Darth reavn's personal assassin and protocol droid.
Weapons: Wrist-mounted flamethrower, blaster rifle. (unless you start in the sandcrawler.)
Equipment:armor plating, energy shield.
Bio: When the droid salesman on tatooine was tinkering in HK-47, he kept a lot of notes on how the droid was biult and programmed. He later sold the droid to an adventurer, but he kept the notes and built himself an almost exact replica. However, it's programming wasn't stable, and the replica, named 'servant', killed his master and escape into the dune sea. There, he was found by jawa's, who saw it was a special droid and conserved it. He has been in the jawa clan for almost four millenia now.
Name: Gorsk (Darth Rexus)
Age: 75
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa.
Job:Bounty Hunter (hopes to follow in vaders footsteps though)
Vehicle: Modified z-95 'headhunter', the dragon's claw
weapon: dual Blastech pistols (hopes to find lightsaber),claws.

A life on the streets of Nar Shaddaa make one tough. This was also the case with Gorsk. He was orphaned at a youngage and forced to live on the streets. This very strong and aggressive Trandoshan is feared for a reason: he is the third best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You'll never find him far from the winning party's side, but he has a sense of loyalty and honor though. he never breaks a promise. At the age of eighteen he killed five people in a bar fight, and then all the coppers who tried to arrest him. This drew attention of one of the local crime lords, who contacted him and made him a bounty hunter. since then, he took on a lot of odd jobs for his new boss, until he was killed by a jedi.
Gorsk fled away and vowed revenge on all jedi, fow now he was nothing again. when he learned only a jedi could kill a jedi, he began a holy crusade trough the galaxy, searching for a lightsaber, and ultimatly, to become a sith and kill all jedi.

Likes: Money, Winning, Seeing someone suffer, alcohol.
Hates:Jedi, Wookiees (all trandoshans hate wookiees), dry climates.
Name: ???, AKA shade.
Species: Human.
Age: Between 20 and 25
profession: Assassin employed by Black Sun.
Homeworld: Unknown, although he considers Coruscant as his home planet.
equipment: Sniper Rifle with silencer, Blastech pistol, some vials of poison, a vibroknife, an implant that let's him see in the dark and a black cloak.
Ship: The Shadow's eye, A freighter modified by Black sun mechanics with secret compartments to hide his weapons (and perhaps bodies) and some extra lasercannons.

Bio: Shade was born aboard a starship. When he was two weeks old, the ship was attacked above Coruscant by the Empire for being suspected of smuggling and dealing with rebels. He and his parents escaped in in an escape pod, but when the pod crashed in a Coruscant flat, only Shade survived. He was found by one of the more important members of Black Sun, who took care of him and trained him as his personal assassin from the age of 5. He knows little of the outside world and his first language is Huttese. Furthermore, he only knows basic.

Likes: To serve Black Sun, to kill.
Dislikes: Any threat to Black Sun.
Name: Bor Gibbo.
Nickname: redeye, because of his cybernetic eye.
Race: Twi'lek, male.
Home Planet: Coruscant.
weapons: A Two-end vibroblade he trains with, and a sporting blaster.
Bio: Bor was born in a rich family, and therefore he received high education and many chances. He became a politician. A corrupt one, that is. He has been covering for Black Sun for years, and he also donated them much money. His private mercenary army also helped Black sun on a great many deals. It didn't take long untill he was one of the more powerful members of Black Sun. However, he dissappeared a while ago. Some say he knew too much and was therefore killed by Black Sun assassins. Others say he only gave up his job to take a more active role in the criminal organisation.

Likes: Luxury, money.
Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Strengths: Has access to lot's of money, and has a private army of mercenary's, including Shade, his self-trained assassin.
Weaknessess: Although he trained himself in many forms of combat, he has never fought anyone and therefore lacks experience.
Name: Gander Kan.
Race: Mandalorian.
Weaponry: Standard imperial E-11 Blastech rifle, thermal detonators.
Vehicle: None, always moveds towards the battlefield in a troop transport.
Bio: Born during the clone wars, he was quickly discovered as a jedi talent by the jedi council. But he was only three years in training before the Empire rose. All jedi were being traced and killed, so Gander fled coruscant. He swore off the force (Like Kyle Katarn did) And thought it would be best to join the Imperial academy. After five years of being an Imperial TIE pilot, he was promoted to officer, but he thought he would be of more use in the field and didn't take it. Now, he is a normal stormtrooper, but thanks to his jedi training, he benefits from fast reflexes an a sharp eye, and thanks to his time as a pilot, he can fly most vehicles.
Strengths: Good with vehicles, former jedi.
Weaknesses:Thinks first, shoots later. (yes, that's a weakness.)
Name: Maggi Knorr
Species: Mandalorian.
Affiliation: Empire.
Rank: General.
Flag ship: The Doombringer, just a normal star destroyer aboard the Emperor's Fury.
Personal Ship: A modified TIE defender with extra cargo space, just like Korbassks. It's called the Grim Reaper.

Bio: One of the first to join the Empire, Maggi has been in Imperial service for almost seven years. First as a bounty hunter, but he quickly became an officer, and both because of his skill, and because Vader found many people's 'lack of faith desturbing', he is now one of the most accomplished generals in the Imperial Navy. He is a brilliant tactical mastermind and a good fighter. His only flaw is that he mostly serves the Empire TOO well... and some more stuff.
Name: Korbassk
age: 55 (it may seem old, but trandoshans can get WAY older)
job: Slaver in service of the empire.
weapons: Also a concussion rifle(a trandoshan weapon it is), a blaster rifle, claws, force push, force pull, force grip(only a little bit.)
ship:A modified TIE defender wich he called the emperor's hand

Korbassk was born during the clone wars. Because many trandoshans where killed by clone troopers during the war, he was one of the first to help the empire destroy the republic. He is now one of the emperors most trusted helpers and therefore even got some force training. he is willing to do the emperors bidding. He has the command over his own squad of five stormies, wich go with him on each mission but usually end up guarding the ship.(hey, they're just stormies.)

likes: serving the emperor, killing rebels and wookiees (preferably both), and using the force.

dislikes: wookiees and rebels.
Name: Dann Wermo.
A rookie in the job, his first assignment is to capture Yeab Ginn alive and well. He works alone because none of the pro's want him on their team. He's a coward in the face of battle and therefore mostly tries to pick off his enemies with a sniper rifle or kill them with 'sneaky' ways, like poison. Therefore, capturing someone alive is a great challenge to him.
And the new Dann:
Name: Dann Wermo.
Alias: Stupid.
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Alignment: Bounty hunter, working for the Empire.
Vehicle: Stolen X34 landspeeder (Think Luke's landspeeder from ANH)
Weapon: E-11 Blaster rifle he borrowed and never gave back.
Bio: After the hunt for Yaeb Ginn, Dann continued working for the Empire. He's a treacherous coward, and isn't much of a fighter, But he can talk his way out of most nasty situations. You can always find him ont he winning side, and he isn't afraid to steal something if it would help him track down his bounty. Infact, he has to, since he's always broke. He hopes to become as great as Boba Fett himself, but currently, he's far from it. Tracking down the artifact is his second assignment.
Name: Jokoteeka
Race: Jawa.
Vehicle: Sandcrawler, Eopie.
Weapon: Droid arm with blaster, Jawa Ion blaster.
Bio: Jokoteeka is the chief of a very aggressive Jawa-clan. apart from scavenging, his clan also attacks small settlements and raids them. During one of these raids, Jokoteeka lost his left arm. it was replaced with a droid arm that ahd many functions. He coudl use it to hack into consoles, and it is armed with a powerful mounted blaster. Later, he also lost his right eye and some fingers in a battle against Tusken raiders. All in all, this Jawa has seen his share of battle, and it is rumored that he can sometimes be found in one of the cantina's on Tatooine, looking for a job, whenever there are no wars to fight...

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