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I have been against this war from the beginning. I do not feel any of our reasons for waging war were good enough to justify attacking a sovereign nation. I agree 100% that Saddam Hussein was an evil, evil man. But that was NEVER mentioned as cause for war when we originally went in. The entire justification for going into Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass destruction and was an immediate threat to the United States, which was and is complete bullocks.

It was only AFTER we'd been in Iraq for a long time and still have no WMD's that we started flouting our invasion as a big liberation effort and our entire purpose was to oust Saddam and bring Democracy to Iraq.

Furthermore, I didn't like the lies perpetuating the myth that this invasion was connected to our war on terror, which is also bull. There is no evidence to support the accusation the Saddam Hussein supported terrorists, and furthermore it is unlikely that Osama Bin Laden even LIKED Hussein. Saddam is not a religious man, and Osama is an Islamic Fundamentalist.

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