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*Irvine makes it to the end of the tunnel, a gust of wind blowing agenst him as he sees Reletha smiling in the elevator high above, nearing the awaiting ship.*

Irvine "No, am I too late!!?"

*Irvine looks around for obsticles,...

A crane, passing speeders, cables, a platform, and the power cable on the elevator...

He curses as he desides he'll try continueing his pursuit.

He runs up a catwalk and leaps onto a tall steel crane, near the top he makes a large bound off and hops back and forth from speeder to speeder.

He then leaps grabing the cable swinging onto a another platform underneith another catwalk. He runs down it as the elevator gets higher up.

he makes it to the end of the catwalk and makes a final forcejump for the elevator...

Just as he's inches away he reaches out for it, but he'd already achived the apex of his jump as he starts falling down...*

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