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Episode 39: The Shadow of the Dark Side

Mordale flew up and picked up a rocket launcher from a dead Rebel soldier. He fired it into the black army and an explosion took place. Several troops ran like fish in water and some were flung into the air by the blast. The AT-AT began firing and the sky was filled with lasers, green, blue and red. Mordale deflected shots in the thick of battle and swung his saber like a wild monkey. There were few Noghri left, but they fought valiantly.
The dead comrades were covered in a white cloak and carried to be cremated. The wounded were sent to hospitals in New Nystao. Jaden had dissapeared in the firefight. Mordale flew up and dropped stormtroopers from the sky. He chose a good piece of land, infested with stormtroopers and rained bolts from his blaster pistols. Then he fired his deadly back-missile, a must for every Mandalorian Armour. The rocket flew blazingly at the stormtroopers and caused a ton of damage.

Foge and Mordale's companion sliced through the innumerable soldiers of their opponent. Foge was struck by a blaster and as was distracted, took another in the arm. He fell down and some Noghri carried him away. Mordale's companion, though, was relentless and demonstrated his mastery of the Force and his lightsaber.
Mordale flew onto the AT-AT and fired at the mechanical monster. But the bolts were useless. He pulled a ARC trooper towards him, stole his rocket launcher and dropped him from the top. He fired the launcher at the head of the AT-AT. A great ball of fire came up and the cockpit was ravaged by the blast.

Mordale found himself waking up in the AT-AT debris, surrounded by Noghri. He couldn't understand what had happened, but memories shot back into his mind. He looked around and got up from the debris. The plain which had seemed lively and beautiful six hours ago was now smoking and littered with dead bodies, fires and debris. His armour was badly burned and scarred. Marks were there all over his body. 'Maybe now I'm equal with Boba...' he thought.
He got up and asked the Noghri, 'Where is everybody?'

One of them replied, 'War kill everybody. Nobody here now.' Mordale zoomed in his visor and took a good look around. 'Where's Jaden?' he asked. 'Captured.' answered a Noghri of higher rank.
'What do you mean he's captured?'
'It is so, unfortunately...'
'What are you guys waiting for? Let's get him!'
Mordale got onto a speeder and some other Noghri followed him over the plains towards the pair of dreadnoughts taking off.
Jaden opened his eyes. He was in a cell, the blaring red wall in front of him told him that. He got up and rubbed his aching back. He groped about his cloak, but their was no lightsaber, no blaster. Jaden banged his fists against the wall, but that only got his fists burned. The wall above was red too, but the floor and three sides of the wall were shiny, glossy metal.
Jaden walked about his cell, wondering what to do. His forms of escape were blocked, his mind was panicky, he wasn't himself. He slumped down and covered his head.
After an hour, Jaden heard something. At first, it was faint, but there was some radio chatter, faint but surely. Just when he thought he was hallucinating, the wall above Jaden switched off, revealing a glossy metal roof. Jaden's rage was building. The dark side was seizing him. He began to shake, and then shook wildly. His face was stern and finally he erupted. In a frenzy, he kicked,punched and ravaged the walls about him. It was in this frenzy that the X-Saber dropped out. Jaden looked at it and picked it up. A horrible grin smeared itself on his face. A grin which marked a return to the dark side.

Episode 40 Preview:
'I assure you, I am no mere bounty hunter.'

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