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[Going to End this part SOON, make your cliffhangars NOW]

*Deac turns to Kal*

Deac: The planet Lokpihet was on was an old imperial research world. It was named Lokpihet Outpost, Syrnl named it after his firstborn, it seems. Anyway, the empire did experiments into things other than genetics and cybernetics there. There was a division for dimensional gateways. A few years ago I found the portal was active and went through to shut down the one on the other side. Both portals are closed, but the dimensional node remains.

I left my brother on the other side. He wanted a chance to atone for his wrongs, and now he's dying. He may well have the same condition that I had a couple of months back. I may be the only one who can save him. I'm not asking you to come with me. Then again, I never asked you along in the first place.

Buckle up. We're in for one fantastic journey...

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