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((OSS: Never mind, you'll see what I mean in a couple of posts.))

Kal: I was told to go with you, since I am supposed to be your Padawan.


*Flax turns back to the fire, Sellena enters the hall, her feet make no noise if soft slippers but Flax turns towards her.*

Flax: Is everything prepared?

Sellena: The Dragon's Bane is stocked and Red Squadron has been transferred to the Corvette.

Flax: *Nods.* Good.

Sellena: What do you think he will say?

Flax: Odin? I have no idea. I'm never sure what his agenda is. Opening formal comunications is something we should take if he's offering it. How deep have the Valkiries penetrated us?

Sellena: Its being dealt with.

Flax: I'm not sure I want to know.

Sellena: Do you want to send the children in?

((Cliff hung/ended))

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