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Im baaaaack..

Yes I am! Whenever I try to play my map I get the error:

ERROR: Sv_setbrushmodel
NULL model
for ent
number 9

Alright, so I look at the error thread, dont understand what it means and I am a little farther off of understanding what the problem is.

The error thread says the following:

ERROR: SV_SetBrushModel: NULL
The map has some brush ents which are only one unit thick (paper thin). I'm not sure what the minimum thickness is supposed to be, but it apparently needs to be thicker than one unit. You may also get this error when you have a brush model entity which does not have any valid brushes, i.e. a func_rotating with nothing but a common/origin brush. This could also be caused by a func_areaportal with a common/areaportal brush.

so what is the problem really? How do I fix it.

I tried deleting entity number 9, but that wasn't the case. Is it BRUSH 9 i should delete or what?
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