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Heimdall: Calm yourself, let me think.

*Heimdall walks back and forth he looks at Aidan holding the sword and the wounds Aidan has. A lightning strike seems to occur with in the blade*

Heimdall: Yes, the sword is the key. Remember when it was reforged it spoke of reinforcing a persons natural inclination towards good or evil. Your cuts and what you have told me, indicate I attacked you with the sword.

If that is correct then I would not have handed over my blade, which leads me to conclude that the wounds of the sword are enough to cause reversion.

We need to find Marin, and....

*Suddenly a realization hit Heimdall*

Heimdall: Aidan take the sword and find Marin, she may be able to sense a change in you so I would suggest attacking her out right. A couple of shallow cuts should do fine. I need to find a comlink.

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