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You guys are ignorant if you don't see the real reason we went to war. Going into a country because of WMD's is no reason and as for enforcing UN Resolutions, well, that's also a pretty shakey reason.

The simple reason we went into Iraq, along with 30+ countries, was to establish a democracy in the middle of the Middle East. Terrorism cannot prosper in a true stable democratic nation. That is why we don't have terrorist camps in the US, Britain, Spain, Germany, Japan and so forth. Since the Middle East doesn't have a stable democratic nation then terrorism can take root and prosper.

So, in order to combat terrorism, which is what this war is about, we needed to establish a democracy in the Middle East. But it couldn't be anywhere. It needed to be in a place where the population was diverse and where it could spread rapidly afterwards. Iraq meets both criteria. And that is why Iraq was chosen for this special country.

Think about it. Iraq is surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Turkey. All of those countries have very unpopular and oppressive dictators. So, when democracy fully takes root in Iraq, which will take time and unfaltering resolve from the US and the 30+ country coalition, it will spread rapidly. Already the Iranian people are starting to rebel with Iraq as their example and a rebellion has already begun in Syria.

As for the way the Iraq war has been executed I am amazed at how few casualties we have had along with the fact that we have had even limited amounts of security. You would figure that with foreign Christians marching into a country in which the people hate the US and have been having propoganda punched into their heads by their leaders and Al Jazeer that they are crusaders that you woulg have mass revolution. There has been none of that. All we have are a few scattered and relatively small militias with isolated terrorists attacks. And also consider that in an environment where most everyone has an AK-47 and in an environment where you can look out your window and shoot an American that there have only been 800 deaths! While 800 deaths are 800 too many that is still nothing compared to past wars and nothing compared to what was expected.

Now, to address a few points made earlier.

The entire justification for going into Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass destruction and was an immediate threat to the United States, which was and is complete bullocks.
I agree with you that going into a country for the simple reason you suspect that they have WMD's is no reason to go to war. However, you are listening to what the media was blaring out. If you listened to Bush's speaches before the war you will hear much more than just they have WMD's. You will hear their threat to their neighbors, their horrible human right's record along with their refusal to comply with the UN. And lets face it, the reason I gave above which is the true reason the US invasion of Iraq would not fly with the UN. I think that the UN right now is worhtless, as is seem with their inaction for the genocide going on in the Sudan. If I was Bush I would be projecting the real reason we went to war, stated above, and taken my chances with the rest of the world.

It was only AFTER we'd been in Iraq for a long time and still have no WMD's that we started flouting our invasion as a big liberation effort and our entire purpose was to oust Saddam and bring Democracy to Iraq.
Agreed in part. There was credible evidence from all over the world which showed that Saddam had WMD's and moved them to Syria where I personally believe they are.

Furthermore, I didn't like the lies perpetuating the myth that this invasion was connected to our war on terror, which is also bull. There is no evidence to support the accusation the Saddam Hussein supported terrorists, and furthermore it is unlikely that Osama Bin Laden even LIKED Hussein. Saddam is not a religious man, and Osama is an Islamic Fundamentalist.
Umm, then how do you explain the Al Queda training camp in northern Iraq? How do you explain the close connection between Bin Ladin and Zarquowi? Use common sense here. Saddam hates America. Terrorists hate America. Saddam hates Israel, terrorists hate Israel. I don't care what petty religious disagreements you have you are going to work together to accomplish your common goal. And Saddam has publically supported terrorists groups in Israel and even giving them money to strap bombs to kids and blow themselves and other innocents up.

it was, cause then there weren't any suicide bombers
Ya you're right. Under Saddam it was better. I mean, who wouldn't want to be constantly living in an environment of fear in which you could be killed for simply being a Kurd or a Shiite. Man, those torture chamvers were completely nice especially when they were filled up with bones, like they usually were. And those mass graves, gorgeous!

Come'on. How many Iraqis died every year under Saddam? Over 100,000. Not even half that many have died during the entire war. And you are over-propogantisising (New word!) the insurgency. The total insurgency is around 20,000 fanatics, over half of them foreigners.

I think Bush is a maniac that would bomb his own grandma if he could find some lies to back it up...
I hate it when people say this. It is so stupid that it's funny. Lets see, warmongering Bush has led us in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. For both the wars congress, made of republicans and democrats, overwhelmingly supported the president along with the majority of the population. Give me a break.


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