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Mine Entrance

Guy: Let's move, then.

*Marin's thought-speech suddenly echoes in everyone's minds* <Sorry, but I can't have that.>

*As the words echo, Guy sees Raschel in the corner of his eye pulling something out of her belt pocket. He recognizes it instantly. But it was already too late.

The object in Raschel's hand glows, and immediately the entire group is blasted back ten feet. Each one is knocked against the nearest surface and held immobilized there by an invisible force. All except Raschel, who stands in what was the center of the blast.

Her form begins to change. Her snout flattens. Her eyes shrink to human size. Her reptilian green skin turns brown, and her mane of white hair turns an even darker brown. With the sound of bones cracking, her entire frame shifts from Raschel's six-and-a-half feet to one of less than five feet. The morph completed, and the face was now Marin's*

Misae: *struggling to move* You...demon

Marin: *carefully setting the still-brightly-glowing device at her feet* Guy always carried a failsafe. Now, here's what we're going to do...

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