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Hyperspace Route to Coruscant

*Starr Hailfire's ship hurtles through hyperspace, at the woefully substandard speed of a Class Two hyperdrive. This ship, newly optimized to be piloted by a Force-user such as himself, was a still-unfinished patchwork job.

Starr fumed. Everything had come crashing down at the same time. He had waited too long to interfere in the burgeoning Republic civil war, without his master's guidance. Now there was a rival Dark Lord in power, supplanting the last vestiges New Republic that Starr's master had wisely chosen to ally with in its placidity. And where was Cracken, anyway? He had disappeared off the face of the galaxy once again. Meanwhile his son was up to his own destructive antics...

His brooding is suddenly interrupted by the blaring of alarms as his ship drops out of hyperspace.Enormous white ship loom on his viewscreens*

Interdictors! It's a trap!

Comm: This is Admiral Jene Luthen of the Republic Super Star Destroyer Vigilance. By vested authority of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Reletha Darkstar, you are now in custody of the New Republic. Your ship has been disabled. Do not attempt to escape or you will be destroyed.


*Aboard the SSD Vigilance, flanked by two anti-Jedi...or anti-Sith...Vanguard warriors, Admiral Luthen smiles a sallow smile. This was the high point of her career. Supreme Chancellor Darkstar would surely be very pleased when she brought before her the acting leader of the Neo-Republican friendly Imperial Loyalist forces. She could certainly expect a substantial elevation in rank at the very least. Perhaps even head of the New Republic Space Forces... Imagine the looks on the faces of her jealous peers then! She could salivate at the very thought.

No one had ever before captured a Dark Lord of the Sith and lived to tell of it. Luthen knew this, but with the Vanguard warriors her former colleague Farran Darkholme had abandoned on Ulna Shardes, she had nothing to fear, she thought.

Oh, and there was the matter of the explosives her operatives had planted, best to focus on what was at hand. If those missions failed, she would have to disavow all connection to them. Best to not get too attached to them now...

Those annoying rebels had thought they were dealing a great blow with the destruction of the Senate building, but in reality all they had accomplished was the elimination of the weak-minded fools in her hero Reletha's path to power.

*She whispers gloatingly* Now, the Republic truly strikes back.

((Consider that my cliffhanger. ))

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