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Subtle domination?

I suppose that could sum it up.

In no way was the "war" (I say that loosely) started to SAVE the Iraqi people. Thats fluffy topping for the black oily cup cake underneath.
Not to mention all the contracts for re building etc etc.
They needed a target and they found one.
Anyone who tries to defend this latest act of terrorism by the united states by saying that we helped soooooooo many of those poor iraqis is just..I dont know....they have a flacid brain.
Sure Saddam persecuted people and killed them, but for the most part they were the fundementalist forces that he's stopped killing them they are trying to grab a piece of the pie. Most of these damn attacks that are going on are most likely from these groups, not X Iraqi soldiers or militants.
(anyone pay attention to that huge pipe line they built from the mountainous regions to the sea in afghanistan while the iraq war was in full swing?)

Anyways...I fell off the topic boat.
They cant justify this selfish act in a sane and moral manner. You cant. Stand blindly by your country if you want, I dont blame you. The amount of poisonous media being jammed down your throat is truly amazing.
You are a product of subtle fascism.
Freedom is an illusion.
You are free to do what they will let you do.

Good day.

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