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[Red, I'll take it that's a different SSD to the one Beler Jil rammed his Frigate into...]

*Deac's ship exits hyperspace near the Avatar world.*

Deac: That's odd...gravity's much...WOAH!

*A black vortex opens and pulls the ship in, and then rapidly seals*


*Reletha sits in her office on the skyhook. An intercom beeps*

Reletha: I said I didn't want to be disturbed.

Officer *Over comm*: You said unless it was Mr Black...and it's Mr Black...

Reletha: Put him on.

Mr Black: It is done.

Reletha: It is?

Mr Black: Yes. Phase 2 is now complete. With phase 3 already taken care of, we can move onto phase four.

Reletha: It's already underway.

Mr Black: Excellent. I hear news that Captain Jil managed to destroy the Senate building. This will fan the flames of Rebellion.

Releltha: The idealistic fool is dead. He rammed his ship into one of my SSD's. The second is still operational, and more are being built.

Mr Black: And the Aesir?

Reletha: Will not bother us if we do not bother them.

Mr Black: Excellent.

Reletha: What about Starkiller?

Mr Black: I've seen to it that he has another priority. Be assured, he won't be returning. As for me, I'm coming to see you shortly. In the meantime, don't fail me like Lokpihet did. Or Syrnl.

Reletha: I won't fail you, my Lord. The galaxy is ours now...

Can this be? Reletha rules the galaxy? Will Deac Starkiller ever return from the Alternate Universe? Will the galaxy ever return to normal? And what of the business of these mysterious outsiders? Some of this will hopefully be revealed in the next exciting chapter of...The Cantina...

*Roll Credits*

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