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Yalbo had gotten the payment into the box in less time than he thought. it wasnt within the hour, but it was still earlier than what was required. His wife was still at work and wouldnt know of the arrangement till later, but he was sure she would be happy. They had been under the thumb of the evil rodian for years and his salvation was at hand. Turning to leave he was met by a small astro droid that had exited the Lamda shuttle.
"hi there, little fella. your master is indeed a generous man." it had long been established that most, if not all, droids possesed some form of intelligence that had yet to be explained. Many were memory wiped on a number of occasions, but a few seemed to escape that full memory wipe and retained a bit of personality that made them up.

beep. wirp. beeep. the droid apparently gave an agreement and continued on its trip to one of the landing legs. Maybe he could give the guardsman part of his payment now and see what he could do for the droid? No. to do so againt the guardsman could put his job at risk. He would wait toll later; when he was requested.
"Keep your master safe, little droid, a lot rests on his safety." the droid made a few beeps turned its head towards the rodian made a few more then continued on his task.

the door hissed closed and R2-Z9 made a slight movement to watch the rodian leave. He had been in service with Cercueil for several months and his treatment was much better than with his previous master. He had expected a memory wipe, but never recieved one and he would work hard in thankfulness. Besides, he was getting regular augments, maintenance, and, soon, his master was going to get him repainted. As a droid he knew his outer appearence was minimal in comparison to the service he provided, but he wanted to look nice. Finishing the task of adjusting the landing shocks he moved to the next leg. These adjustments would make landing in uneven terrain much smoother. If he could have smiled he would, but a couple of nice beeps gave him the satisfaction that he craved.

The lamda shuttle was nicer than the skiffs, swoops, and junk he had worked on before and it required very little. His master had implemented a few programs of a more stealthy nature that he found pleasing to accomplish. He had completed the skematic download from the cities computer network before returning to the landing bay and had uploaded it into the ships main core. The landing shocks was just something to keep himself busy and "earn his keep." His master would be returning soon and, judging by the number of credits the Rodian placed in the security box, they would be off on another mission. His masters weapons would be ready by then. Moving to the last landing shock Z9 reminded himself to ensure that modifications to the hyperdrive would need to be finished soon or they could find themselves drifting dead in space. That would be unacceptable.

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