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Name: "Jack" Dyan Ariadne
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female (mistaken for male)
Eye color: greenish brown
Hair color and syle: Was brownish red, now Silver, short cut to a little past the ears
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Skin color: Tanned from sun
Home World: none
Profession: assassin
Misc. Attire: modified flight goggles for her destoryed sight (also sees night vision)
Ship: Old Corellian Corvette called the Pure Enigma
Weapons: Modified snipper rifle, an assortment of detenators and other explosive devices, a silver-beam lightsaber she can't use, vibro-knives, and Imp. issue blasters.
Force: No force powers none of (thus she can't use the lightsaber she found), but does have uncanny agility...slighty psychic in fighting abilities
Company she beholds to: called the 'Lurkers', she doesn't know anything about them besides the fact that they send her the assignments...they don't like the New Republic
Personality: Witty, occationally sarcastic, more noble-hearted than she wants to be, likes to be "one of the guys" but is still very female, slightly annoyed with her height. Quite optomistic despite her profession. Associates often get freaked out when she talks so easily about her eliminations.

Born to bounty hunter father and moisture farmer's daughter mother on the family ship. Had two younger siblings (brother and sister) Was sent to recieve education at 15 and fullfill her dreams of becoming a pilot in the Imp. Army Failed her dream after a bad flight accident (age 16) in which she lost the majority of her sight (and most of her sanity) and died. She was placed in stasis as they tried to figure out how to save her sight and her life. She was in stasis for several years (don't feel ike figuring out how many right now) Was revived after the Fall of the Empire. Was given the goggles to help her see. Went on a mad search to find her family, only to learn they were murdered. Find the 'Lurkers' to see if they'll help for a price. The price, however, is her employment as an assassin (they want to see if they can make the perfect killer). Still looking for murderer and the new mystery as to who her employers really are and what they want.

Sidenotes: Got lightsaber after assassinating a Jedi Master name Tolan. Hair turned silver after stasis.


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