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*Guy's scanner is beeping an alarm*

Guy: So...the signature couldn't be detected when you were in another form...

Marin: *picking up Raschel's belt, which had slipped off her waist when her body had shrunk* Yes, and I lied about the Futhark cloaking it. Which means somehow Aidan's been stripped of the power I gave him.

*She takes the cluster of purple crystals out of her pocket*

Marin: Perhaps it wears off, or Idun found some way to remove it...or Svafa freed herself and did it. Either way, I'm not taking any more chances.

*She holds up the crystals* These confer power, the power to be like me. To be above all the unpleasant questions you have to keep asking yourselves, above the moral conundrums that inhibit you all from taking the power you deserve. A simple touch will do it.

Misae: You stay away from me, you brat child. If only I'd let Svafa cut off your head. Do anything and I swear---I swear I'll---

Marin: Understand I'm not giving you a choice in the matter. I need you. Unfortunately, I can't give this power to Guy, at least not right now, but for the rest of you... I want you to begin to understand.

*She approaches Misae, holding out the crystals in her hand. Misae's face contorts into a mask of rage, and she presses all the Force power she can manage in Marin's direction. She only succeeds in making the air ripple and glow in front of her*

Marin: It will all become clear soon enough.

*A silvery glimmer streaks through the air, and Marin is knocked to the ground. Heimdall's sword, lightning flashing across its form, lies embedded in her gut*

Marin: could you...

*The crystals in her hand seem to to swell. Lightning shivers around them, and they crack and shatter into tiny pieces, which evaporate into mist*

Marin: I...

*Her eyes glaze over. Aidan emerges from the scrub surrounding the mining entrance*

Aidan: Sorry, Marin, but I had no would never have given up the crystals...

*She blinks and looks at him, but doesn't answer. The lightning in the blade quiets. Aidan hurridly pulls the blade out of her*

Marin: We...we really killed all those people, didn't we...

Aidan: Don't think about that. Morph! Morph or you'll die!

Marin: *whispering* I don't deserve to live...

*Aidan whirls and smashes the glowing device Marin had placed on the ground. The invisible bonds holding the others captive release*

Aidan: Save her! Please! Now!

And if she dies now, it'll be my fault...

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