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*Heimdall walks into a clearing and suddenly his belt begins to beep. Reaching behind him, he finds a comlink, the same one he had taken from Svafa*

Heimdall: How did that get there, *turning it on* Hello

Idun: Hello Heimdall. Please stay where you are, I need you to take a test.

Heimdall: Alright....

*Minutes later, the Asgardried comes into view of the group. It picks a spot among the rubble, and gently sets down. As the ramp descends the sky starts to lighten. Idun with a hurried step, rushes down the ramp and towards Marin, her cape billowing behind her.

The sun becomes visible once again as Idun reaches Marin. It bathes the group in warm light.*

Idun to Elella: Excuse me.

*Idun kneels at Marin's side. Placing one hand over the wound, with the other she takes Marin's hand. Speaking in a low voice Idun castes a spell.

A beam of intense white light emanates from the hand Idun was holding above the wound. The light begins to regenerate the cells, healing Marin. The process however, is a little painful.*

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