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ET Warrior, I dare you to invite a military friend of yours to read what you've posted.

I have several friends in the military. One -- Gary M. -- is in the Army airborne division and just returned from Iraq. Another -- Robbie C. -- is a Humvee driver who also recently returned from Iraq.
Either one of these fellows wouldn't think twice before punching you in the mouth.

People like you constantly whine, "Mr. Bush sent troops to Iraq, oh my God!" and, "We wasted soooo much money helping people who don't need it!"
Let me ask you this: how many pairs of socks did drop off to be sent to the troops?
How many cans of peaches did you send?
How many letters did you write?
Because I can guarantee you that not only did you not lift a finger to help the troops, they are the ones that needed it the most.

The difference between you and the people that did send socks, canned food, letters, gloves, sunglasses, etc. is that you are unwilling to help anyone not in direct consequence to you.

Final note: if you truly believe that Iraq was in no way a direct threat to America, you need a serious reality slap. After 9/11, the Florida car bomb scare, the brainwashed kid who flew into a bank tower, and the shoe bomb attempt, I'd say that the terrorist regime was pretty intent on attacking again.
Once again, the difference appears: while I don't believe myself to be in real danger, I do fear for the security of other Americans. You think that just because you're safe America should pull a Clinton and de-militarize.
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