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Stuff like futurama and Family Guy are too silly to make into an adventure game. Sure, there are great games like MM, DOTT and the MI series, but they work on a different level. The Simpsons and Futurama and so on wouldn't work as an adventure game (as they haven't worked as games before)simpley because, despite the animation aspect of it, there is very little alont time. All are very much dialogue oriented and even though adventure games are more dialogue oriented than other types of games, there are still huge periods where you're simply walking around doing nothing. plus fry isn't smart enough to do the stuff that people do in adventure games, and neitgher are the rest. All in all, I don't think any TV shows qualify, they'd have to be movies, and even then, I'd be a little skeptical.

The best thing would be comics or books. Now Batman or spiderman, i don't think so, marvel comics are widely based on action, and people like to think that when they're buying a game based on them, they're gonna get a little action. Dilbert would be good. i know it was a short lived TV series, but the character seems to fit. Garfield maybe (the movie looks crap) and other well known comic book characters (of tht type Sam and Max).

Books that could be done, well, half hearted attempts have been done with the Discworld series (although I did very much enjoy them, especially Noir) but I think "Good Omens" if only because it would be a great oppertunity to play as 3 seperate charachters, the demon, the angel and the antichrist (and maybe even that other bloke, you know, the one who meets that woman who has that book...) and it's funny as hell.

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