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AND THIS, is where the American propoghanda has apparently done it's job. The war in Iraq has NOTHING to do with the war on terrorism, they aren't related.
They're one in the same.

Show me actual proof that Saddam is in any way connected to our war on terrorism. It's not there.
Let's see here. We got Zarquowi along with an Al Queda training camp in northern Iraq prior to the war along with Saddam's armament of terrorists along with his actions of INVTITIN terrorists into the country just prior to the war.

Now, Zarquowi fought for Al Queda during Operation Enduring Freedom (That's the war in Afghanistan for all you Eskimos out there) and was badly wounded. Now, he got a DIRECT invitatyion from Saddam inviting Zarquowi to Iraq in order to recieve medical treatement and Zarquowi has stayed there ever since. Now, Zarquowi is no normal Joe in Al Queda though. He was a key planner for 911 along with I think 4th in command of Al Queda.

Now, the Al Queda training camp, which has trained countless terrorists. That was located just south of Kurdistan and was very active according to intel reports from the US, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, China and many many others. When all of those countries say the same thing about the camp it's most likely there.

And, finally, Saddam's invital of the terrorists. Over 50% of these thugs who call themselves "freedom fighters" are foreign TERRORISTS. In other words, they strap bombs to themselves and blow up in a grocery store in the name of almighty Allah. Prior to the war, Saddam invited them in, gave them some AK-47's and paid them big bucks.

That's quite a few links to terrorism.

I have several friends in the military. One -- Gary M. -- is in the Army airborne division and just returned from Iraq. Another -- Robbie C. -- is a Humvee driver who also recently returned from Iraq.
Either one of these fellows wouldn't think twice before punching you in the mouth.
I'm glad they have returned safetly. Could you tell them that Boran thanks them so so much for protecting this great country please?

You think that just because you're safe America should pull a Clinton and de-militarize.
That was un disaster Grande! (Or, a big disaster for all you eskimos out there). Our military is now a million strong, nothing compared to the Cold War era. I find it quite a shame, especially since we can now lose a war if we were ever pittet up against certain countries simply because we don't have the number of soldiers. A war with China right now would be a DISASTER as the Chinese could assemble countless millions, all defending their country. Russia would be a similar mess to fight with simply because of numbers. What a shame, good job Billy.


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