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""""this is nothing compared the Germany in 1939. Nothing. It is a slap in the face when you said that. You guys act like Bush is a facist for god's sake."""""

Bush is a fascist.
A ferkin greedy warmongering fascist and if he gets elected again you better bet that draft will be coming your way, then you try and defend that ass and his sole desire to get in the history books.( Does everyone just forget that he ignored the UN and told them to SHOVE IT. In that aspect he's as bad as saddam for ignoring UN rulings on weapons etc)
They are already hurting for troops and they h ave stopped rotating them out of combat zones because of such a need. If bush dupes you all again....then you better believe the draft is on the way.

NOW onto the link between germany and the present day US.

The US attempted to justify an invasion by saying that the US WAS know...what with the whole "THEY GOT DA NUKES!" and all. If you FOOL the pppulation into believing they are in danger, they will support military action.
Germany, 1939.
Hitler was not in supreme control of Germany though he had the LOTS Of power. He contacts the powers that be an informs them that german citizens are being oppressed and butchered in poland and that he has sent armed forces to free such citizens. The paper work is done yadda yadda. Hitler gets the reigns.
The people think it needs to be done... and support action,they were FOOLED.
Bush and his flunkies made it out that they NEEDED to go into Iraq so that weapons of mass destruction would not fall into terrorist hands..or...something along those lines.
People thought they were in danger...and that bad **** could go
JUSTIFICATION in the eyes of the blind propaganda poisoned populace.

It isn't a DIRECT parallel, but you MUST see the connection.
Do not sip from the spoon they feed you and accept what they dangle in front of you. There are far to many yes men in this world.

Frankly Germany 1939 was a better model for a nation that actually worked then the US will ever be in my life time.(apart from the whole jew fiasco. That wasn't a very good thing at all.)
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