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Your opinions of Bush concerning the UN are completly ludacris. The Un is a bunch of liers anyway, they are worse than saddam and Bush. Have you even heard of teh oil-for-food scandal? The media is trying to downplay it but basically...

"The United States General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, told Hyde's committee recently that $10.1 billion of the estimated $60 billion handled by the United Nations under the program was paid in kickbacks, bribes and set-asides to Saddam and his cronies. "

"It called the scandal "without precedent in U.N. history" and urged Annan to make his response "equally unprecedented." Annan has announced that he will name an independent panel to investigate. "

anything concerning the UN is a lie, maybe thats why Bush did not care what they did

Bush might not be the best president ever or even the best leader in the world today. But you can not blame everything on him, there are other liers and cheaters in other organizations (that you might think good) around the world
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